Motion Pix Entertainment, LLC (MPE) is pleased to announce a new business relationship with Santa Fe-based Global Running Culture organization (GRC). GRC is the creator and organizer of the popular Sante Fe Thunder .5 Marathon (13.1 miles) that will take place Sept 17, 2017. The race starts in Santa Fe and ends at Buffalo Thunder Casino & Resort. 2017 marks the 7th annual event for GRC. Their mission is to empower youth through sports & education within three primary communities where running is a large part of the lifestyle and culture: Northern New Mexico, the Village of Matungen, Kenya, Africa, and Copper Canyon, Mexico.

Francisco V. Gonzalez III, Director at MPE, says he wanted to be part of the culture (of Global Running Culture) because they have an oversized heart for humanity. In fact, for the past 7 years they have made many personal & business sacrifices to build up the Sante Fe Thunder .5 Marathon Race and simultaneously built up a farming & education program in Kenya; plus localized sports camps & events in the Pueblo of Pojoaque and now Espanola, NM.

Francisco says, “Every time I’m around GRC leadership I get a new life perspective and learn to see from the heart; after every meeting I leave a better person. My job is to ensure that human spirit of togetherness and love is felt throughout each video story we produce for GRC.”

GRC leadership has a heart for kids and people in general; they have a can-do “winner’s” mindset. Abraham Kosgei and Joseph & Carolyn Karnes, are simply amazing people because they have a genuine love and passion for service to others. We are pleased to be the video production company responsible for telling their fascinating stories.

And Global Running Culture mentions they are just as pleased to partner with Motion Pix Entertainment, LLC because…

“We have been impressed with Francisco Gonzalez’ creative vision, demonstrated talent, and keen ability to listen, question, and distill a lot of information then extrapolate the most important elements to create “story”. We are excited to work with Motion Pix Entertainment to bring our story to life through a series of compelling videos. A well-told story is a powerful means of communication and we look forward to a long-term relationship with Francisco and Motion Pix as we continue our journey!”

Joseph Karnes, Global Running Culture & Santa Fe Thunder .5 Marathon Race Director

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