As we’re wrapping up post-production of “Shady Hoops” and our international documentary “My Backpack Friends”, we’re moving forward with ourAdv-of-Jubeez-Storyboard_Opening_Scene first feature film titled, “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss”. This a is a faith-based, family, adventure story featuring “adventure motorcycles” and ATVs set in a mountain village and forest.

Shooting tentatively set for April 2017. However, in October we will be shooting a few scenes to create sizzle reel / trailer footage over 2 days. Day 1 scene will take place in downtown Espanola where a community of 20 – 30 gorillas will be enjoying an outdoor concert.

This scene is a dream-sequence where the protagonist, Jubeez, is caught in the mist of a gorilla community and must get out before being attacked. It’s a fun scene as audiences will see gorillas families taking “selfies”, gorillas in a band jamming to a song tilted, “Feel Good Gorilla”, gorillas hopping in a convertible low rider, gorillas buying carne adovado tacos from food truck, and gorilla kids playing; blowing bubbles.

Day 2 will be shot in the mountainous region of New Mexico around the Valles Calderas Preserve / Forrest mountain range. This scene is a continuation of the Day 1 dream-sequence. Jubeez continues to run frantically and escape the gorillas. This takes him into the forest and out to a meadow.

To the right is a storyboard of the opening scene which takes place mountainside.

The premise of the story is discovering God’s Love & Grace to stay humble, kind, selfless, and it’s a story about using that Love & Grace to restore broken family relationships.