On Sept 21, 2016 Motion Pix Entertainment co-producer, Liz Avelar, was teamed up with 5 other players to compete in the World Council’s “World Quest” Trivia Competition. The fun & challenging event was held at the Rosenberg Sky Room on the campus of The Incarnate Word College. The evening started off with great anticipation along with a nervous “butterflies-in-the-stomach” sensation.

And that’s because it takes a high degree of courage to “put yourself out there” for all to evaluate & judge your world knowledge & intelligence. Liz says she overcame any fears by, “…understanding that win or lose; the experience will compel me to have a deeper & broader appreciation for global events, humanity, and help me relate more effectively with people of all backgrounds.”wac-logo

Even so, she was still filled with a fun nervousness that comes with a friendly competition and the desire to be a helpful team member. Tensions calmed over a pregame, delectable meal (Pesca Fresca: Cod filets baked w/ Chablis wine, tomatoes & olives served on herbed Orzo) while chatting with new friends. Intellectual conversation & good food helped Liz and her teammates settle into the highly competitive atmosphere.

According to teammates who participated in years past, the questions were even more detailed and challenging. The questions covered: geography, world history, current events, science, world flags, world leaders, and other global topics. Sample question: What country was recently the target of an immigration ban by three Central American countries? Answer: Cuba

Although the questions were increasingly more challenging Liz’s team did very well for their first time together. They created a fun memorable experience and Liz said most of all, “The experience inspired me even more so, to take a deeper interest in world affairs….on a daily basis.” She encourages everyone to have a more global perspective. And that’s because a better understanding of world affairs can result in a better quality of life for all, which helps us appreciate & care for each other at a deeper level.

She also said the “World Quest” trivia competition provided a collaborative environment that brought the benefit of wisdom gained from unique personal experiences. This helped the team have more engaging conversations and ultimately answer questions more thoughtfully.

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