For the past 2 years Motion Pix Ent. LLC has been painstakingly producing a feature-length documentary title, “My Backpack Friends”, directed by Francisco V. Gonzalez III. It has a very unique point of view (POV) which makes it fun, meaningful, and memorable. The story follows 2 young Latina girls from Texas: Hannah 11 years old, and Liz (Hannah’s aunt) as they set off to learn about Central American immigration happening in their neighborhood. a1My_Backpack_Movie_Poster

Here is an unofficial description of the feature-length documentary:

Come ride along on with a curious 11-year-old girl named Hannah and her adventurous auntie Liz, as they go find out … “Why Central American kids are coming to their neighborhood carrying just a backpack.” The two detectives have fun making friends with kids from Central America and almost everyone related to the immigration process along the Texas border. They even get a disturbing call at home from the Dept. of Homeland Security which creates an insurmountable obstacle yet the two girls find creative ways to complete their mission.

See the girls discover a secret immigrant “safe house” hidden away in a prestigious San Antonio historic district (later raided by ICE) and see what it’s like to live in an immigration prison while learning about the immigrants story’s of hardship and struggle making the 4,000 trek from C. America to the USA Texas border.

You’ll also see the two girls take a break from their investigative work and play at home. They record a song titled, “Remember The Fun”, for their new immigrant friends, make a music video atop a school bus, cool off in a swimming pool, get creative with craft projects in their backyard, and simply mess around acting silly.

To fully understand the immigration story Liz drives over 5,260 miles through 14 states to follow 3 new immigrant friends on their 100 mile walk (pilgrimage) to hear Pope Francis speak in Washington D.C. Afterwards, she embarks on an international adventure and goes deep into the jungle to visit the “Murder Capitals of the World” known as the infamous Northern Triangle: Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala to understand the “culture of corruption” creating the international humanitarian crisis.

Through it all, the two girls grow into new stages of maturity and personal discovery as they begin to realize more about their own fears, dreams, and hopes once they truly understand “What makes America so wonderful?” people will risk their lives to be their neighbor.

As of June 1, 2016 production has been completed. We’re currently in post-production throughout the summer of 2016.