Playwright Theresa F. Castillo cast Liz Avelar of Motion Pix Entertainment, LLC., as co-star, “Tita’s Mom” in her most recent play titled, “Abre Los Ojos: Mira Bien” which premiered at The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Theresa F. Castillo describes the play as:

A charming and poignant ‘feel good’ story based on a true story, Abre Los Ojos takes audiences back to the 1960s when life was a little slower, traditions a little stronger, drive-in movies were the thing to do, and young love a little more innocent. The production includes live music from the 1950s and ‘60s and will be followed by an Oldies Dance reminiscent of that golden era of dance halls in that era. “Abre Los Ojos: Mira Bien” takes you into the world of 17 year old Tita, a spirited teenager making her transition to womanhood.

Joe_Settles_DirectorHer mother, played by Motion Pix Entertainment co-owner, Liz Avelar, like most mothers, wants the best for her daughter. And when it comes to young love Tita’s mom definitely has something up her sleeve. Tita’s family may seem like an ordinary Latino family, but as she grows up she comes to see them as quite extraordinary. Things become clearer as we Abre Los Ojos and Mira Bien (Open Your Eyes & See Clearly).

Liz had a prominent role as “Tita’s Mom” who was high energy, vocal, enthusiastic and constantly chastising her daughter in a good way. Everyone agreed Liz played the character flawlessly and everyone agreed her performance was most entertaining due to the enthusiastic nature of “Tita’s Mom”.  The 300 audience goers at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center laughed, cried, and hung on with suspense with Liz’s character leading the drama from scene to scene.Eraina_Testimony

Liz says it was a special experience because the play was based upon a real story. The playwright, Theresa Castillo, crafted a story about her real relationship with her late mom. This placed additional pressure on Liz because her role was the playwright’s mom’s character which would hold special meaning. “This role was a unique challenge because the director spent a lifetime with the character I played. And this meant she knew every nuance, attribute, body movement, and exactly how she wanted her mom personified.” Liz was relieved Theresa Castillo, playwright/co-director said, “Don’t change a thing!” and “You’re becoming my mom more n’ more everyday.”

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