liz and rossThis morning Motion Pix Ent. LLC staff had the pleasure of being on a KDCE radio program named, “Coffee Talk” which is broadcast on 950 AM – 100.7 FM, “The Voice of Northern New Mexico.” Chris Madrid, co-host, invited Liz & Francisco of Motion Pix Ent., along with Ross Griego, of “Arranque“, for a “Coffee Talk“. The radio show is broadcast every Friday at 9:00 am. Ross Griego, Business Consultant, specializes in the business Spanish-language market. Ross is also a business advisor to Cafe Literati, a subsidiary of Motion Pix Ent.

We opened the show talking about the good work Ross does for the business community. He leads a business organization named, “Arranque”. He specializes in offering valuable business consultation and a jump start business curriculum for the Spanish-language community. He has helped us by giving us invaluable business advice and introducing us to influential business leaders. In fact, he was instrumental in securing our appearance on the radio program.

On the show we also discussed how entrepreneurs need to build good teams to accomplish goals. We also mentioned the value of being an encouraging person and how encouragement can be like currency to an entrepreneur.

The Coffee Talk conversation then evolved to our upcoming project “My Fascinating Friends”. Which is a live show that will illuminate and showcase the “awesomeness” of the Espanola Valley region. We chatted about how we plan to foster a “sense of community” in the area. We’re going to accomplish this big & bold dream by not only serving the best espressos, frappes, and specialty drinks but more importantly, by making it easy for people to connect, make new friends, and nurture old ones.liz_on_air2

We joked around a lot but we got serious when we talked about our philosophy on building community. We mentioned that when people start getting to know their “neighbors” and start feeling a “sense of community” in their city or town…then they take “ownership” and feel they have a stake in the towns future.

As a result, they help build up their families, neighborhoods, and town. This leads to keeping families together, marriages together, and a better quality of life for all.

We mentioned that what’s most important to us is relationships. At the end, it’s all about love, and we express that love through relationships, God’s Grace, and by doing things to promote community; the ultimate purpose of Cafe Literati & the “My Fascinating Friends” LIVE show.

With gratitude, we’re thankful to Chris Madrid for inviting us on his “Coffee Talk” radio show and thankful to Margaret Campos for hosting us.