New Partnership With Global Running Culture: Organizers of Santa Fe Thunder .5 Marathon Race

Motion Pix Entertainment now in pre-production to shoot 4 promotional videos for Global Running Culture organizers of Santa Fe Thunder 1/2 Marathon Race on Sept 17, 2017.

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Jami Martinez: Fascinating Woman of Faith

Want to meet a special person? Let us introduce you to Jami Martinez. A hardworking, creatively intelligent, beautiful, and faithful student that looks to grow her faith through a service-based internship in Australia.

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JUST PRODUCED: Gak Stonn of Taos - Biz Explainer Video

Gak Stonn is the owner of Taos Print & Photography Studio. We recently completed an explainer video to showcase the process of high rez digitizing fine art for the purpose or long term archiving.

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KDCE w/Margaret Campos

Liz, & Francisco Interviewed On KDCE 950 AM & 100.7 FM Host Margaret Campos

Chris Madrid invites Liz to his “Coffee Talk” radio show broadcasting on KDCE 95 AM & 100 FM with hostess Margaret Campos.

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Production Completed: Shady Hoops Sports Comedy

Ben Sandoval, Director of Espanola YMCA, and Motion Pix Entertainment team up to co-produce “Shady Hoops“; a basketball sports comedy about making the right, anti-drug choices, to achieve your dreams. Pre-Production & Production Stages Now Completed.

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Liz To Perform In Society of Professional Journalist Gridiron Show

The comedy show is in the spirit of “Saturday Night Live” where journalist and media professionals poke fun at the year’s news cycle. The purpose is to raise funds for journalism college scholarships.

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Production Begins: The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss Feature Film

We’re thrilled we’re beginning development of our first faith-based feature film titled, “The Adventures of Jubeez”. This high-concept film has fighter jets, adventure motorcycles, lots of mud, zombies, comedy, high adventure, latest sfx and, of course, a story line that matters. This production is destined to set a new standard with the Christian film industry. The adventure begins!
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Liz Invited To Highly Competitive World Trivia Contest: World Council World Quest Event

The World Quest trivia contest is produced by the World Council global organization. It’s purpose is to foster a deeper educational appreciation for global events.

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Liz Delivers Stellar Acting Performance In Abre Los Ojos Theatrical Play

Playwright Theresa Castillo, cast Liz Avelar, co-owner of Motion Pix Ent, in co-lead role as “Tita’s Mom”. Liz delivers spectacular performance in front of 300 at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Theater.
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Production Completed: My Backpack Friends Feature-Length Documentary

Finally! After 2 years we’ve wrapped up production of “My Backpack Friends”. We traveled through 22 states across North America & 4 countries in Central America to get a story that matters. This feature length documentary is destined to unify America and diffuse the immigration divisiveness across our blessed land.
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Sex Trafficking Exposed. Unsafe In America DVD Now Available

Unsafe In America showcase the inside reality of sex trafficking in the USA.  Narrated by Associate Producer Liz Avelar of Motion Pix Entertainment, LLC.

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“Very Impressive! Francisco, I want to thank you for producing the first version of the film for MAE so quickly and creatively! Your instincts and intuitive flow at capturing our kinetic- ness are quite apparent in your work. It has an infectious energy that speaks of who and what we are as an organization.”

Roger Montoya

Creative Director, Espanola Moving Arts

“We have been impressed with Francisco Gonzalez’ creative vision, demonstrated talent, and keen ability to listen, question, and distill a lot of information then extrapolate the most important elements to create “story”.  We look forward to a long-term relationship with Francisco and Motion Pix Ent. as we continue our journey!”

Joseph Karnes

Co-Founder & Race Event Director, Global Running Culture - Santa Fe Thunder .5 Marathon Race

“The Motion Pix Entertainment team is the most stellar and professional crew I have worked with to date. This short film will make you laugh and the credit goes to the awesome Motion Pix Entertainment team for inspiring our teens to believe in themselves.”

Ben Sandoval

Director of Operations, Espanola YMCA


“As director, I enjoyed working with Liz. She has natural acting talent and created a fantastic performance for us in the co-lead role as “Tita’s Mother.”

Joe Settles

Director, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

“Francisco, I look forward to your participation in the upcoming Northern Heritage Leadership Training. Your community leadership and committed sense of public service along with the infectious enthusiasm you consistently exemplify are key traits we look forward to you contributing to the cohort.”

Chris Madrid

Economic Development Director, Rio Arriba County


My Fascinating Friends

Live Streaming Show Series Currently in Production

The Adventures of Jubeez

Faith-based Feature Film Shooting Spring 2017

My Backpack Friends

International Road Trip Documentary Fall 2016
Getting Wired Up With Phillip Olivas is a “Barbed Wire Art” video course curriculum we scripted and produced to be offered at
Storyboard: Opening Sequence “The Adventures of Jubeez: Kid Boss”

“It was awesome listening to your guidance of scene emotionality and influence on the characters delivery in each scene. Such an awesome experience with you as well. Thank you Francisco Gonzalez.”

Gurushabd Khalsa

Director of Photography, On the set of: "In The Paint"



Special Guest April Ancira

Special Guest April Ancira

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Liz hosts, “Ms E.” LIVE show & business networking event. About 150 professional ladies were in attendance excitedly anticipating keynote speaker and “San Antonio’s Sweetheart”, April Ancira, VP of Ancira Automotive, Inc. Continue

Special guest Blanca Abbud

Special guest Blanca Abbud

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Liz and co-host Belen Silva interview special guest Blanca Abbud along with a slate of distinguished guests; doctors, lawyers and judges. This event had about 420 in attendance. Co-host Belen Silva capped the evening with a beautiful singing performance, in Spanish. Interviews included: Continue…

Motion Pix Entertainment

Special Guest Nancy Oakley

Click Image To Watch

Nancy AKA Nuensie Suku, is an Oprah-Featured author. She is a native of Thailand and arrived in the U.S. during the Vietnam War. After working in civil service for over 20 years she embarked upon her dream of entrepreneurship. Nancy has authored several books, The Quest for Serendipity and The Road to Success among other notables.

“We love it! May all the particles of the universe simultaneously bless your being!”


Owner, Taos Printing & Photography


Explainer Video – A business “explainer” video educates the viewer in an entertaining & engaging way.  It shows the “process” of how a product or service is manufactured, fulfilled, or delivered. And therefore, naturally longer in duration than a typical commercial. The main benefit is the value built in your product or service because there’s more time to tell your story in a meaningful way. This personalizes the business owner to build credibility, expertise, and make emotional connections.
TV Commercials – Commercial videos are fantastic to deliver your message in a meaningful way. Because they are short in duration every word, image, and graphic must express the right emotion to build value in your company and be in alignment to your brand values.
Web TV Shows – If you ever wanted your own web TV or social media show we can do it. Here’s a trendy pilot show Francisco Gonzalez III produced, cast, directed, and edited titled, “My Sassy Friends”, which was about highly intelligent, beautiful, and talented woman that used their popularity to raise funds for non-profits.
Documentaries – The Wooward Mansion is a documentary about one of the oldest woman’s club in Texas and the historic mansion that provided the home to plan, organize, and initiate their many charities. Businesses are now commissioning  documentaries to tell their business story in a more engaging & meaningful way; other than short commercials.
Business Presentations – The animated presentation is designed to be a high-impact “video brochure” simply to build credibility, excite, and generate initial sales leads. We can script and produce any business topic. We’ve produced products for the aviation, auto, beauty, financial, medical, and home products industry.
This video reel shows other major projects we’ve produced. We’ve produced fashion shows, small music concert events, fundraiser events, and other entertainment projects. If you need leadership to plan, organize, keep projects in play and to completion; we can do it.
Day 1 – Liz & April, members of “My Sassy Friends”, take singing lessons in preparation for our college scholarship fundraiser; The “Sassy n’ Classy” Halloween Mask Ball karaoke contest produced by Motion Pix Entertainment, LLC in partnership with The Woman’s Club. Produced & directed by Francisco V. Gonzalez III.